“The teachers are always at the door to make the children feel welcome and the children are excited to start their fun. They don’t even look back as they scamper in to start the day.

The classroom is organized in a child — centred manner so that within a very short time the children know all the routines. The curriculum is well thought out, and explanations posted on the bulletin boards are helpful to parents. There are wonderful activities and materials to appeal to many interests and encourage skill building though play” .

This morning, I left the kids making latkes. I know that they will be measuring and expanding their vocabularies through this meaningful (and delicious) activity.” — Ena Greengarten

“Our son’s first school experience was so nurturing and continues to be so. His teachers are caring, thoughtful, and warm. We love to hear from him about all that he is learning. He has also fostered some beautiful friendships. 

We have been thrilled with our decision to send him here” — Stacey Jacobs

“Grandparent’s/Special Person’s Day was so wonderful and well done!! You did an amazing job making parents, grandparents and kids feel so special and it was truly a special morning!”
—  Julie Miller

If you have questions about any of our programs or require more information about the registration process, please contact the Education Office at 416.487.3281 or education@templesinai.net.

Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario M5M 3B1, Canada

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