Temple Sinai Community Preschool is a licensed non-profit Jewish school. 


At Temple Sinai, we offer a caring and engaging learning environment for children ages 10 months to 4 years.


Through play-based and inquiry-based learning Temple Sinai Community Preschool strives to provide a happy and supportive environment for children to learn and gain an understanding of the world around them. Our program is based on promoting positive self-esteem, curiosity and creativity. Our goal is to help develop the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical capabilities to the fullest.


Temple Sinai Community Preschool follows a child-directed and an emergent curriculum. The terms child-directed and emergent capture the idea that the types of learning a child is ready to do will emerge when a teacher facilitates an environment where they feel secure, engaged and interested. Instead of a teacher-directed lesson plan, the teacher encourages curiosity, play, exploration, collaboration and creativity by developing content that the children demonstrate interest in.

Jewish Philosophy

Fundamental to our program is our Jewish philosophy, where the introduction to and celebration of the Jewish festivals is central.


Our philosophy is that of community with the goal of establishing the love for learning and fascination of the festivals while approaching the world in a Jewish way. We have an inclusive approach to building a strong and welcoming community rooted in Reform Jewish tradition.


Being a part of Temple Sinai helps strengthen this philosophy as well as the child’s Jewish identity.

 Our School

Our beautifully renovated school boasts spacious classrooms, a fully equipped gym, a stimulating discovery room, an engaging library and an exciting new playground! 

Our Teachers

Temple Sinai Community Preschool teachers are dedicated and nurturing educators with many years of experience and who pride themselves in fostering positive and memorable experiences.


Our teachers are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. 


Our Program Statement

We have developed our program statement based on “How Does Learning Happen; Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years,” a professional resource guide for those working with young children and their families.


Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto
210 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5M 3B1, Canada

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